A weekly ski session gathering in Central Park’s Columbus Circle, NYC every Saturday at 7 am. We ski one or two laps, then head north to ski the hills of Harlem and beyond. Every ski session begins slow and all are welcome. We often ski a lower loop to keep the group together when we have many beginners. Those wanting more, ski further on. The group always stays together. Faster skiers summit and repeat hills as modest paced athletes reach the peaks once. No one ever gets left behind. This is not ski racing in any way. All skiers wanting to leave the park must have speed reducers or brakes on at least one ski to join us.
You must sign the release waiver at to attend this ski group, same as a bike shop ride for cycling. There is no cost to attend. All skiers will be asked to behave as ambassadors of the fantastic sport of roller skiing.   Email or call for more details. 917 566 3386

Ski Today Ski Tomorrow Roller Ski Every Saturday!